Latest Event of Projects

[ HISWA Lunches the Project ]

As The HISWA Team Launches the Project at the Ministerial Complex , Government officials, memembers of the House of Lisgislature were a Part.

More to that We were all excited to here the Executive Director General of LISGIS Speak to the Minds of the Young People about the Proud of this Project.



The Harmonizing and Improving Statistics in Africa is a five year project that tense to support statistical processes in West Africa. Liberia Portion of this Projects highlights various modules to strengthen the Statistical capacity of LISGIS and the BSC Program at the University of Liberia


The Establishment of The BSC Program at The University of Liberia. The Facilitating of 15 Person for the MSC in Statistics at the Philippines.The Purchasing of Vehicles for the Census Projects

This Project is expected to strengthen the Statistical scope of Liberia , Making sure that statistical computations and compilations are enhance and thereby producing vibrant students to serve the country as Statisticians after achieving BSC in Statistics